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  • Pisces Woman

    Posted on April 10th, 2012 writer 2 comments

    A Pisces woman is sweet, caring, flexible, empathetic, sensitive, adaptable, and forgiving. She is truly romantic and requires emotional closeness in relationships, or else she can become too shy and timid.

    This pretty woman is every man’s dream girl. She is complex and unpredictable. Nevertheless, she likes to serve others and is generous by nature.

    Born between February 19 and March 20, a Piscean woman can be deep and mysterious, especially when born between February 20 to February 28 or 29.

    Pisces girl

    In love and relationships, Pisces women do not generally like to dominate their partners. In fact, they like to depend on you instead of trying the least to overpower you.

    They just want their lovers to be loving, caring and protective. A Pisces girl can prove to be a wonderful calm and cozy companion for life. She likes to remain in a soft and soothing environment.

    Furthermore, ruled by Neptune, the God of Oceans, she is highly intuitive. She can be spiritual and philosophical. A Pisces woman tends to be more instinctual than logical because she readily absorbs all the vibes around her.

    She often drifts out of reality when lost in her dream world. Thus, she can be unfocussed and impractical in the material world.

    On the other hand, she can be extremely creative and imaginative. Beware, though, as creative individuals are more apt to deception.

    You will find that your Piscean girl is not quarrelsome, but she is prone to nudging. Plus, when roused to anger a she can be bitterly sarcastic.

    However, being sensitive at heart, she can be hurt easily, leading to self-deprecation and inferiority complex. Hence, she is likely to become lonely and aloof.

    As a mother, it can be difficult for a Piscean woman to strike a balance between kindness and discipline as she is way too trusting, understanding and soft.

    Pisces symbol

    On the whole, the charming Neptune lady is feminine, subtle, elusive, and sensuous. She has a sharp memory and is likely to remember various birthdays and anniversaries.

    In addition, she is charitable and self-sacrificing. The weak and submissive girl can resort to self-pitying and pessimism many a times.

    More often than not, she doubts herself and feels unassertive, thereby giving rise to lack of lack of self-confidence. She does not harbor any lofty ambitions.

    Thus, a Pisces woman, though tolerant and forgiving, is supposed to learn qualities like independence and perseverance.

    She needs to develop self-assertion. In an attempt to hide their inner fears, certain Piscean women may seem stubborn and independent outwardly.

    How to Choose Gifts for Pisces Women

    Gift ideas for a Pisces woman include items like fantasy novels, aromatherapy candles, perfumes, massage oils, bath salts, scented soaps, a set of oil paints, fine wine, art piece, etc.

    Moreover, as Pisces zodiac sign rules the feet, you can arrange a great pedicure session or foot reflexology massage for her.

    You can also pamper her with an awesome spa gift basket or certificate. Besides, you can encourage your beloved Pisces woman to join Zen or meditation classes for relaxation.

    If she is interested in esoteric and psychic matters, you can get her books related to these topics along with beautiful flowers.


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    • Dear Pisces Compatibility,

      Hi How are you? Hopefully happy and well.

      I loved your description on Pisces Woman.
      When I first read about them a few years back i was so attracted to the words about them that i thought they could be the sign i would love to date and get to know the most. The Qualities such as emotional and senative, rommantic and passionet, sensual, deep and intuitive and loyality are some of the ways of being that i know i need in a relationship that would last. I would just have to make sure that as an Airies, myself, i don’t push too much as my Mom’s Birthday is March the 6th. And i read that an Airies can be a bit too assertive or aggressive.

      So I was just matched up with this really nice girl who said that her Birthday is March 6th aswell. Yes, I got my wish, i suppose! Only saw her once so far. Then talked with her over the phone, and shared e-mails after that. She seems pretty emotionally open and expressive about stronge feelings for me which is jaw dropping for just meeting with her once which was hardly a date. I’m a 39 yr. old male ox, by the way. She’s Chinese. And a 36 yr. old fire draggon. I just read that fire draggons fall in love quickly. I just hope it works out, and that we don’t dissapoint each other where it woudent work.

      Thank you for deepening my understanding of Pisces woman and for reminding me of acouple things too.

      I was wondering if you could share alittle advise or romantic tip for relationship success that could help me out. I’d love to receive any advise and be very greateful if you could and have the time. I don’t have much dating experiece (Late bloomer).

      Thanks again. Many Blessings…

      Sincerely, Corey

    • Dear Pisces Compatibility,

      I forgot to mention in the comment letter which i previously posted that I love the Pisces art work of the woman and the pair of fish in the water. In fact, the moment i saw it i knew that it was of a zodiac series of cards by Josephine Wall. I love her cards so much and purchased a few, one of them being that Pisces woman which i bought for my Mom on her Birthday. She loved it so much that she put it in the middle of her corner of plants in her living room. What a center piece! Talk about creativity and imagination.
      What a gifted artist. And offcourse i’m going to get another Pisces card from where i got the other, if there is any left. I’m sure my new friend would be charmed and touched.

      So thanks again for your beautiful art creation of describeing the Pisces woman and for shareing the dreamy card.

      Love & Light…

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