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  • Pisces Tattoos

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    Beautiful Pisces tattoos fascinate those who are born under the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. The symbol for this sun sign is the Fish. In fact, it is represented by a pair of fish, both moving in opposite directions depicting the Real and Unreal.

    Thus, you can use this symbol for a meaningful Pisces tattoo. In case you are interested in mythological stories and characters then you can consider getting a tattoo portraying Neptune, the God of the seas rising out of deep waters and holding a trident in hand.

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
    - Albert Einstein

    tattoo designs for pisceans

    Pisceans are known to be intuitive, sympathetic, gentle, caring, sensitive, humble, mystical, evasive, and introspective.

    They often live a world of fantasy rather than reality. Besides, those governed by Pisces zodiac sign have a charming and magnetic personality.

    A tattoo for Pisces inspired from the Tarot deck can display the Moon card, which represent this sign. Plus, Pisces is also represented by the letter H, having curves on the ends of all the four corners. It symbolizes the two fish. As Pisces is a water sign, Pisces tattoos can feature stunning underwater themes, too.

    Pisces tattoo

    Another awesome tattoo design idea for Pisces is to get one fish engraved on each hand or foot. The fish should be facing each other but they should seem to be moving in opposite directions from each other.

    To make it attractive, you can select from various kinds of fishes (Koi fish is the most popular) in exuberant as well as subtle colors.

    Moreover, you can get the word Pisces engraved in decorative fonts and styles. After all, Pisceans admire beauty and glamour. You can get inspiration from cool and amazing tattoos that famous Pisces personalities flaunt.

    Pisces neptune tattoo

    Complex tattoos for Pisceans can combine different designs like the Pisces Glyph, mermaids, the underworld ocean, water lilies, the letter H, the word Pisces, angel wings, bubbles, Neptune (God of the seas), and characters from Greek mythology including Typhon (God of fire), Aphrodite (Goddess of love), Eros (Cupid), and so on.

    Choose a design that suits your personality the best because it reflects your temperament. You can get these tattoos engraved on your wrists, arms, shoulders, back, chest, back of the neck, abdomen, legs, feet, ankles, etc.

    Samples Designs for Pisces Tattoos

    Pisces H tattoo

    Pisces tattoo

    Pisces tattoo

    tattoo displaying the God of the Ocean

    Pisces tattoo design

    tattoo for Pisceans

    Pisces tattoo

    Pisces the Fish

    Pisces tattoo

    Pisces the Fish

    Pisces tattoo

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