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  • Pisces Man

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    A Pisces man (born between February 19 and March 20) is deeply romantic, gentle, caring, intuitive, loyal, and sensitive.

    On the downside, he can be elusive, absent-minded, irresponsible, and lack in self-discipline. Thus, a Pisces guy is best matched with a strong, positive, and sensitive woman.

    He lives in a world of fantasy, and enjoys art and music. Pisces men usually have a magnetic personality but may appear to be aloof and hide their feelings, especially when confronted with a complicated situation.

    A man governed by Pisces zodiac sign is highly creative and perceptive. Plus, he is usually a good listener. Thus, his generous, empathetic, and tremendously kind nature is sure you win a lady’s heart almost instantly.

    Pisces the fish

    Moreover, he can absorb your vibes and feel your pain intently. On the downside, a Pisces man is too passive and unassertive.

    Thus, he can be weak-willed and indecisive. He is often confused because he finds all the options to be correct as well as incorrect at the same time.

    Pisces men are charming, warm-hearted, and easygoing. They hate to offend anyone. As they are creative and have a vivid imagination, they like to remain independent.

    These men are usually successful in the field of art, music, and photography. They can also pursue healing and helping professions.

    Pisceans mostly like to go with the flow. They are tolerant, unselfish, forgiving, and sacrificing. Plus, they are generally humble and unpretentious.

    On the other hand, Pisceans tend to be dreamy and idealistic. Consequently, they can be impractical and unrealistic leading to melancholy.

    A Pisces male also has a wonderful Neptune intuition. Some may have psychic abilities, too. These men are not too ambitious, competitive or materialistic because they truly understand the impermanent nature of material possessions.

    Furthermore, they like to be surrounded by a light, serene and harmonious environment. In addition, they admire beauty. Make sure you keep this in mind while planning a beautiful date for your beloved Pisces man.

    While analyzing the personality of a Piscean, remember that those born between 20 – 28/29 February are most powerfully governed by this zodiac sign’s ruling planet, Neptune.

    Pisces Man in Love

    Pisces men like romantic candlelight dinners and intimate conversations. They are loyal and prefer long-term relationships for showering their unconditional love on you. Thus, they require an ideal love in  life as they need emotional closeness.

    They need a partner who knows how to dominate them. This has to be done in a subtle way because they do not like to be restricted. As they are gentle and sensitive, you need to be careful as to avoid criticizing them directly.

    Pisces guy

    The mysterious personality Pisces is hard to pin down, though. Nevertheless, he is flexible, adaptable and easy to please. The ones who have faced failures in love and relationships may become shy and timid.

    The mature water sign has a good compatibility with other water signs, that is, Cancer and Scorpio. Besides, Pisces is most compatible with Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces.

    He is a sympathetic and compassionate soul. Hence, you will find it easy to open our heart out to him. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to give him a great deal of assertion and affection to boost his self-esteem. Pisceans often carry a deep sense of unworthiness.

    He can be self-sacrificing, especially when in love. Coming to his anger, he can get upset at times but his anger is usually not violent. You will have to curb your own anger and jealousy, though, because Pisces men can have a wandering eye.

    A Pisces man has a quiet strength. However, as he tends to absorb the good as well as bad vibes of the people around him, he needs proper relaxation and tranquility so that he can be with himself for a while.

    Plus, remember, when trying to make a point in front of a Pisces guy, appeal to his emotions and intuition rather than logic as he is likely to be instinctual.

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