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  • Pisces Best Compatibility

    Posted on April 12th, 2012 writer No comments

    Individuals born under the last sign of the zodiac, that is, Pisces are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces natives.

    Being a water sign, Pisces does well with other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio). In fact, Pisces seems to have best compatibility with Scorpio. It is likely to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Scorpio’s traits like inner strength, determination, and protectiveness are perfect for the sensitive, generous, and unselfish Pisces.

    Pisces love match

    Moreover, the Piscean can understand the Scorpio partner deeply and never loses his/her calm. Plus, both the signs are loyal, spiritual and romantic.

    As Pisceans are sensitive, compassionate, idealistic, unassertive, and dreamy, they require partners who understand their feelings and help them fight their weaknesses such as unassertiveness, confusion, and impracticality.

    The perfect match for a Pisces man with a magnetic personality is a woman who is practical enough and who knows how to dominate the Fish subtly.

    Plus, unlike Virgo (known for being detached, orderly, rational and overly critical), she should be able to understand the deep emotions of a Piscean male. Nevertheless, Virgo can be a great match for partnerships with Pisces.

    Similarly, the ultra feminine Pisces woman requires a partner who is caring and protective; someone on whom she can depend fully.

    Thus, Capricorn and Taurus zodiac signs are also suitable for Pisces. Furthermore, Cancer can provide security as well emotional support for the Fish.

    Being tolerant, forgiving, compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic, Pisces can prove to be a brilliant match for most other signs. However, fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can be too bold and harsh for the delicate water sign.

    Besides, Gemini is also not considered as a good match for Pisces, even though both are flexible. The emotional Piscean is likely to be hurt easily by the mischievous and fun-loving Gemini. The Fish, on the other hand, can be too boring for the Gemini mate.

    Love Compatibility and Matches for Pisceans

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